All visits are 30 minutes

We visit one household at a time.

Dog(s) - we come in and take your dog(s) out for a 20 min walk - come back in to feed/change water/playtime in the house - playtime in the backyard too 

Cat(s) - we come in and change the litter/fresh water/change or add fresh food - lots of play time too.

Bird(s) - we come in and give them fresh water/fresh food/lots of TLC/change paper in the bottom of their cage, keep them company

With every visit we leave a note to the owner to let them know we were there and let them know how things went. We can also take in the mail, water plants, turn on or off lights, open/close drapes and more.

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New Articles

new updates about recent pet care and developments can be found at Ontario SPCA


Dog's Food

Pay careful attention to your pets when changing their food.


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